Evaluating and improving our work

As part of Science Week, Year 4 linked their habitats learning to create bugs which could walk on water. After most of the bugs sunk, they evaluated their work and the children noticed that the bugs with smaller bodies and larger feet were the most likely to walk on water. They had another go with this in mind!


Science Week

As part of Science week, Year 4 enjoyed a classification workshop where they could meet some creatures from different animal groups! 


Bhaktivedanta Manor

Year 4 visited Bhaktivedanta Manor today to support their RE learning this term. It was a wonderful day full of rich and engaging learning experiences!

We learned that some people in the Hare Krishna community live on site and there is even a school! It is much smaller than Abbots with only 50 children!

We also learned about why cows are so important to Hindus and all the things they provide. The children enjoyed a bumpy ride in the bull cart and were able to feed the cows too!

We then explored a special garden which housed verses of a Beatles song which are very important to the community.

The children learned about being respectful to one another and learned about some Hindu gods. We also had time to reflect through meditation. The children had lots of thoughtful questions!

We were then invited to enter the shrine in traditional dress and we shared a delicious lunch, which draws on our learning in school about the importance of sharing food.

Thank you to all staff and parent helpers who made the trip such a great success!