Making music

I am so impressed by the careful thinking and creativity that went into the children’s instruments! The children shared their instrument, explaining how they made it, how they play it and how the sound is made.


Aliens at Abbots?

Early this morning Mr Billing made a peculiar discovery in the forest and asked if our news reporters in Year 4 could take a look!

On arriving at the forest, we found that the area had been fenced off for our safety. 

Dr Chapman from The Abbots Langley Institute of Specialist Scientists (ALISS) was already there when we arrived and had been taking notes on the discovery all morning. She had even interviewed local eye witnesses and taken measurements to try to determine where these unknown objects had come from.

Dr Chapman was very informative and keen to answer the children’s questions. We can’t thank her enough for her involvement in solving this mystery.

Mrs Wolfisz took the necessary precautions to avoid contaminating the evidence. 

Suddenly, Mr Billing appeared saying he had received another call from County requesting a sample of evidence for testing.

We are yet to hear from County so the mystery remains unsolved. Now it’s over to the children to report on the facts!

I Feel Good! C B C B C B C

This week in band time the children learnt about semibreves (4 counts), minims (2 counts) and crotchets (1 count) and used their mental maths skills to calculate the number of counts in a sequence of these notes.

We also learnt a new note and were able to play a new song which everyone recognised! 



French horns, flugel horns, baritones and the tuba:



Then we all played together! Amazing work from 4Blyton as always!