The children each took one section of a piece of art depicting WWI soldiers and enlarged it using oil pastels. They have created a beautiful piece of art together as a class, looking at the colours and the lines carefully. 


WWI dance show

Year 4 have been working hard this half term to learn and choreograph their own dances based around out WWI theme. This week they performed their dances in a show! It was amazing to see what they had achieved in such a short time! 


Digestive system

To consolidate their learning about the functions of the human digestive system, the children used household materials to create it in the classroom. 

First we broke up banana and cream crackers with our fingers, to represent the action of the teeth. 


Next, the food was mixed with water and orange juice in a plastic bag, to represent the action of the saliva and digestive acids in the stomach.

Once the solid food had begun to soften and break down, the mixture was transferred into a pair of tights, to represent the small intestine. 

All the useful nutrition had been absorbed into the body and what was left in the intestine was waste!

The rest of the water now needed to be absorbed to leave solid waste. This represents the function of the large intestine. 

The solid waste was then transferred into a paper cup which represents the rectum…

…and was finally pushed out of the body at the end of the digestive process.