Investigating volume

Today in science Year 4 explored the volume of liquids as part of our solids, liquids and gases topic. The children engaged themselves in excellent conversation and debate whilst ordering different sized containers from the one with the lowest volume to the one with the highest volume.

The children estimated the volume of liquid in each container and then checked their ideas by measuring accurately. It was great to see the children working so well together.


Solids and liquids investigation

In science the children are learning about solids and liquids. Today we investigated melting! Each child held a piece of chocolate tightly in their hand to heat it above room temperature. Some pieces were bigger than others, some were white, some were milk and some had been refrigerated beforehand!

It was interesting to see how some melted more quickly than others even though the children had held them for the same amount of time. The children came up with their own ideas about why this might be.


Working together to order decimal numbers

Today the children were each given a number card and the whole class worked together to put themselves in order from smallest to largest. I was so impressed by the mature and mathematical conversations that went on! The whole class showed resilience and perseverance when it got tough and were able to help each other to correct mistakes and learn from them. Well done 4 Blyton. What a great start to 2016!