Lower KS2 classes were all mixed up last week! Each new mixed class spent an afternoon learning something out of the ordinary! 

Here’s a few from the afternoon in 4 Blyton, where the children learnt to speak German! We learnt to greet each other and answer questions and then we made posters showing die Tiere (animals!).


To finish off the afternoon we sang Onkel Fritz hat einen Zoo. Do you recognise the song?


When 4Blyton were reunited they were excited to tell each other what they had learned in their mixed classes.


Shapes are everywhere!

This week year 4 have been investigating the properties of 2D shapes. To end a great week, the children explored the school grounds to see what shapes they could find. The children used their reasoning skills to explain how they knew they had found each shape!


Band Time

Band Time this week was so exciting!

We began by playing lots of games, drawing on our skills in counting, pitch, rhythm and memory.

Then we practised our embouchure!


Here are our trumpeters…

…our trombone players…


…and our French horn, flugel horn, baritone and tuba players!

And here they are playing together! 


It’s all about perspective

Over the last two theme lessons we have been learning to use perspective in art.

The children have created beautiful paintings depicting the poppy fields as part of our WWI theme. We discussed how, because of perspective, the poppies closest to us appear larger than the ones further away and this helps to give depth to our work.



This week in maths the children investigated what year 4 children like the most.

After choosing a category, the children collected their data in a tally chart and then calculated the frequency.

Using their frequency chart, the children plotted their data on a bar graph.

Next we learnt to interpret our bar graph and draw conclusions.